WAYNE FARMS® Fresh Poultry

Wayne Farms LLC operates nine fresh poultry complexes throughout the Southeastern U.S., and processes approximately 2.5 billion pounds of poultry for the institutional, foodservice, retail, and export markets.

Wayne Farms LLC is vertically integrated, managing the complete poultry product process from feed to packaged product. This includes managing complexes of feed mills, hatcheries, and processing plants. This ensures producing the highest quality chicks, optimum feed usage, formulation and conversion during grow-out and the safest, most efficient processing and packaging. Managing this process in its entirety improves efficiency, reduces costs, and allows Wayne Farms LLC to oversee all aspects of the chicken’s development to ensure the safest, best tasting poultry products possible.

As a pioneer and a leader in food safety research and implementation, our company set precedent by advocating and implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HAACP) programs long before being mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Wayne Farms LLC continues its commitment to voluntary cooperative research efforts with federal, state, and academic organizations.

Wayne Farms LLC offers a wide range of fresh chicken cuts and packaging to meet customers’ needs. Whether packaged under the WAYNE FARMS® fresh poultry brand or privately packaged for club stores, supermarkets and processors, quality, size, volume and packaging are available to meet any specification.

Examples of the types of products we are currently producing for our business partners are: 

Categories Cuts Preparation Packaging
Skinless, Skin On Packed Legs Frozen Controlled, Vacuum
Closely Trimmed Leg Quarters Ice-packed Fresh Portion Pack
Boneless Breasts (whole/half) Fresh Bulk (40, 70 lb.)
  Jumbo Wings  Halal Blessed