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Core ValuesThese are the philosophies and core values that we’ve set forth as the foundation for being a trustworthy business partner, employer and neighbor.


LEAP Philosophy

Wayne Farms LLC adheres to a philosophy called LEAP, which serves as a compass for decision-making. We believe following these principles throughout our business activities will helps us continue to build on our successes and leadership in the areas of Food Safety, Product Development, Technological Advances and Strategic Partnerships.

LEAP philosophy

LEAP to the Next Level!

  • Is the decision legal?
  • Is the decision ethical?
  • Does the decision add value?
  • Does the decision adhere to policy?




Wayne Farms Core Values

Integrity: We must do more than simply doing things right — we must also do the right thing. We will demonstrate open, honest and ethical behavior in every contact and aspect of our business.

Innovation: Innovation is the key to improving and sustaining growth and profitability. We support well-conceived risk-taking, embrace creativity and consistently pursue new opportunities.

Respect for People: We value our diversity as a source of strength. We listen and respond to the ideas of our associates, seeking a business environment that fosters personal and professional growth and achievement. We expect the highest level of personal accountability, as well as a willingness for people to hold each other accountable in a professional and caring way.

Customer Service: We seek long-term relationships based on our understanding of our customers’ needs and on the value we provide through superior products and services.

Teamwork: We believe teamwork improves the quality of decisions and sustains a spirit of excitement, fulfillment and passion for our business.

Leadership: We provide an environment for leaders to impart clarity of purpose, shared goals and joint commitment to excellence.

Performance: We will compete aggressively, establishing challenging but achievable targets and rewarding performance against those targets. Continuous improvement is a way of life.

Stewardship: As a company and as individuals, we give of ourselves to serve the needs of our communities and people in need. We will also be good stewards of the environment and the animals we raise.