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Wayne Farms provides traditionally raised, no antibiotics ever and vegetarian diet, and GAP Step 2 rated productsLet's Talk Fresh Choices.

Offering choices as varied as your consumers. Wayne Farms provides options that reflect the values, beliefs, and needs of unique consumer segments. With traditionally raised—no antibiotics ever and a vegetarian diet—and GAP Step 2 rated products, we support an AMAZING CHICKEN EXPERIENCE for everyone.

View our Wayne Farms Fresh Poultry Catalog: Wayne Farms Fresh Options

Download the Wayne Farms Fresh Poultry Catalog: pdfFresh Product Catalog.



Wayne FarmsLet's Talk Trusted Quality.

Our popular line of fresh WAYNE FARMS® branded chicken offers extensive versatility, simple value-added processing, and cook-and-serve convenience. The first choice for retailers, foodservice operators, and further processors. Each of our extensive variety of cuts can be customized to your specific needs. We will work with you to deliver the sizes and packages that best for your operational requirements.

  • Packaged for freshness: With a superior taste to ice-packed chicken, our vacuum packaging preserves the fresh flavor and appearance for an extended shelf life
  • All natural: All fresh poultry is minimally processed with no added artificial ingredients or added preservatives
  • Versatile: Our fresh chicken is perfect for virtually any menu preparation, from grilling and frying to baking and roasting, and more
  • No Antibiotics Ever: We also offer a line of chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever, click here for more details.

 Click to learn more about any of our fresh poultry options. To place an order, call 800-392-0844.

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pdfChicken Tenders
pdfChicken Thighs
pdfLeg Meat
pdfWhole WOGs
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PLATINUM HARVEST® Premium Fresh Chicken

platinum harvest fresh color 200Premium fresh chicken, ready for your recipes
PLATINUM HARVEST® is our premium, all-natural fresh poultry brand, offering the convenience of recipe-ready chicken that has been carefully hand-trimmed to eliminate extra labor and reduce waste. With its consistent, hand-selected quality, these products also contain a lower fat content to help you provide healthier options with ease.

By ensuring the highest quality in all natural fresh poultry, PLATINUM HARVEST® is able to help operators satisfy customers with the best-in-class chicken experience across a variety of operations and cuisines.

 We offer a wide range of premium, hand-trimmed boneless and bone-in options to serve your needs.


  • Trimmed Boneless Butterfly Breast
  • Boneless Clipped Tenders
  • Boneless Thigh Meat
  • Boneless Leg Meat


  • Split Wings (Hand-cut)
  • Whole Wings (Hand-cut)

To place a product order, call 800-392-0844


NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken

nakedtruthlogoOur latest line of NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken is here to ma­ke a mind-body connection for conscientious consumers everywhere! While its cle­an, a­ll natural attributes provide an amazing ta­ste experience, its responsible animal care standards under the GAP Step 2 Ra­ted program ma­ke it good for the soul. We re­alize tha­t seeing for themselves is believing for themselves. And we wa­nt consumers to know, with 100% confidence tha­t the chicken on their plates has responsibility, ca­re a­nd integrity behind every delicious bite.

We offer all popular fresh cuts to suit any operation or dining experience. Click here for more information.


LADYBIRD™ Premium Chicken

Ladybird Premium Chicken - It's time for a little tendernessNurtured in the right environment with care on family farms, our fresh chicken is created through verified quality processes every step of the way. When the time is right, it's aged just enough - on the bone - to create a rich, flavorful, sophisticated eating experience each and every time. By allowing chicken meat to rest or age on the bone before further processing and for just the right amount of time, changes take place in the meat naturally to break down muscle tissue, resulting in a more tender product and enhanced flavor. While many producers strive to achieve these results faster with mechanical equipment, we believe there is no true replacement for this natural aging process. The result is a superior product and overall experience, from preparation to dining. Experience LADYBIRD™ Premium Chicken, it's time for a little tenderness.

We offer all popular fresh cuts to suit any operation or dining experience. Click here for more information.


Exported Products
Wayne Farms exports approximately 6% of production. This includes mostly leg quarters, drumsticks, wing tips and paws.

We currently export to the following international areas:

American Samoa, Armenia, Bahrain, China, Cuba, Curacao, Guam, Iraq, South Korea, Marshall Islands, Mexico, New Caledonia, Okinawa, Oman, Palau, Russia, Saipan, Singapore, Tahiti and the United Arab Emirates.

To speak with someone in Export Sales today, please call 1-800-392-0844.