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Our Products Innovation CentralThe art and science of helping you succeed.

Our customers drive their business categories, and we support their brands by understanding their marketing and manufacturing needs. But it goes beyond that, deep into organizational relationships that run across production, packaging and marketing. We promote a business relationship that ensures our customers are fully supported with innovation, food safety and the highest product quality. More than a mind-set, we call our approach INNOVATION CENTRAL®.

INNOVATION CENTRAL® is the intersection of art and science- bringing our dedicated team of research, culinary, operations and sales professionals together to design, produce and deliver products that meet customer needs and support their success.

INNOVATION CENTRAL® is driven by a vision, mind-set and desire to provide business solutions. The company reflects these ideals in a number of ways:

  • Value created through product development, concept development and process improvement
  • A focus on new process technology to create progressive platforms of innovation
  • Expertise in the areas of culinology, food science, process development and ideation
  • Resources and efforts are guided and managed according to customer needs
  • A USDA-inspected facility designed to best simulate the production and customer preparation processes

To contact INNOVATION CENTRAL® today, please call 1-256-552-4900.


Culinary Kitchen

Chef Frank JockMeet the Head Chef

Chef Frank Jock is the executive research chef and manager of Culinary within INNOVATION CENTRAL®. With a wealth of culinary creativity and industry expertise, he helps create innovative products and lead customer ideation sessions from our state-of-the-art culinary test kitchen.

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