• Our Responsibility

    Our Responsibility

    Food that comes from a place of integrity.
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Food should come from a place of integrity. As the 7th largest, vertically integrated poultry producer, Wayne Farms LLC believes it is important to continuously adopt rigorous standards to deliver exceptional service. Having control of the entire process assures product quality and food safety.

It also leaves the responsibility of sustainability entirely in our hands. We defined four pillars as a guide to define our goals and help our customers succeed, today and for years to come: 

The key to providing the best product and service is being stewards and giving back to everyone involved in our success.

But we can’t just talk about it. We understand seeing is believing, and in order to show our progress we need to be transparent about the good we’ve accomplished and the struggles we’ve faced. It is up to us to do right by our customers, employees, farmers, and communities and to leave a positive impact with everything we do.

That’s our goal at Wayne Farms, we hope you’ll join us in growing together.

To learn more about our corporate responsibility, please review or download our:

Wayne Farms Corporate Sustainability Report