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    Our Responsibility

    Food that comes from a place of integrity.
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Our Responsibility Animal WelfareGreat food starts with healthy, happy animals.

Wayne Farms believes consumers and operators have a right to know where their food comes from. As purveyors of quality, wholesome chicken products, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to provide the best care possible to our animals.

Our farm-to-kitchen progression is a completely vertically integrated process, meaning we have control over every step of the process. We know how our chickens are being raised, what they're fed and where they come from. This provides a level of traceability and accountability unparalleled by the majority of food production. From hatchery to farm to our kitchens, we have an unbroken chain of quality control, animal welfare and food safety.


Feed & Diet

Healthy poultry farming begins with a well-balanced diet. Our all-natural, high quality, grain-based feed is formulated by our board-certified poultry nutritionist who works hand-in-hand with our very own licensed feed mills. We raise birds with a nutritious diet that ensures healthy growth and is always free of hormones and steroids, which are prohibited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).



Wayne Farms is dedicated to raising our flocks in safe, comfortable environments. All Wayne Farms contracted chicken houses consist of controlled, cageless areas that provide adequate space, fresh air, clean water and readily available, all-natural feed, which promotes normal broiler behavior. In addition, each house is equipped with ventilation systems and heaters to keep the chickens comfortable in all weather conditions.

For additional information on the animal welfare guidelines set forth by the NCC, please click here: NCC Guidelines Broilers.

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