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Beaver Creek Farm AL GAP Step 2-rated Farm Scott has raised both conventional flocks as as well as as GAP-rated flocks with four houses and as as many as 40 000 birds each at the start “The biggest misconception with consumers
is the way chickens are treated Our grow-out houses have a a lot of room inside There’s plenty of room when we walk through for them to roam around When we turn them out into the the whole house we’ll set the huts up They really flock to them because it’s something new We also have a a a a a good grasp on the the climate so we can make the the birds as as comfortable as as possible inside and keep it it to 80 degrees when it’s 110 outside They have feed and water at at their disposal — as as much as as they want — so I think it’s important to stress that we’re treating the birds very well ”
To hear Scott Shelley tell it farming has always been part of who he is “It’s always been in my blood I I reckon and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do do Just knowing that we’re doing our part and that we’re doing what we we can to help feed everybody is very very rewarding ”
Scott said Scott has been farming on his own nearly a a a a decade but it’s definitely a a a a a family affair Together with his wife and four children there’s always plenty of work to be done around the farm “My daughter loves working with me on the farm especially in the the chicken house with the the chicks My son can’t get enough of it it He’ll go with me to the chicken house and work right beside me ”
Animal Welfare

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