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STAYING SAFE DAY DAY AFTER DAY DAY WorkSAFE is built into everything we do at at Wayne Farms It’s more than a a a a a a a a program — it’s a a a a a a a a state of mind and it’s helping employees stay safe on the job while fostering a a a a a “zero accident culture ”
Wayne Farms takes a a a a a a a zero-tolerance approach to all safety breaches Employees are both empowered and and expected to identify and and report unsafe behaviors and potentially dangerous situations — because together we own this company-wide commitment as a a a team SAFETY RECOGNIZED BY THE INDUSTRY Wayne Farms recently garnered the following eight awards for safety at at the the National Safety Conference for the the Poultry Industry:
DART RATING = 1 65 Well below the industry standard
Industry Standard Company Target Company Rating 2017 Company Rating 2018
= 2 90 = 1 86 = 1 60 = 1 55
• • • • • • Ozark AL – Feed Mill
Samson AL – Hatchery
Jack AL (Enterprise Complex) – Processing Union Springs AL – Processing Decatur AL (East) – Processing Decatur AL (West) – Processing • • Danville AR – Processing Danville AR – Hatchery
People & Community Welfare

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