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REPORTING ACCURACY We’ve continued our monthly metrics tracking in in in partnership with Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC) as we strengthen our sustainability program Beginning with FY19 we identified several additional metrics for reporting including production for each individual hatchery and feed mill as as well as as packaging and supplemental material usages to ensure we we are tracking and minimizing all waste materials WASTE DISTRIBUTION Wayne Farms currently recycles 23% of all the waste generated at at our facilities This is is no no simple task as as many recyclers will not handle material that has been in in contact with raw meat We currently have recycling and/ or or reuse programs set up for waste metals woods plastics cardboard and even chicken by-products Wayne Farms continually strives to identify alternative waste streams and and we aim to increase our landfill avoidance in in the coming years LANDFILL: 77% WASTE DISTRIBUTION RECYCLE: 23% 22
Environmental Welfare

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