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A A A BIG FIRST FOR SUSTAINABILITY Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC) a a a a a a a third-party organization conducted a a a a a a a a Sustainable Operations Assessment of of some of of our North Alabama facilities in in 2018 including the the Decatur prepared foods facility facility the the Albertville fresh facility facility and and hatcheries and and the the Guntersville feed mill — representing the the four types of facilities typically found at at each location The goal of these assessments was
to to to utilize SSC’s experience to to to identify opportunities to to to reduce our impacts in energy water and waste After a a a a a week on on site the team provided recommendations for areas of improvement in in environmental and sustainability practices Wayne Farms has utilized these recommendations to make improvements at at the the sites implement similar strategies at at additional facilities and guide improvements across our entire network of facilities in order to achieve our sustainability goals A A CLOSER LOOK AT SCOPES
are generated on-site from the combustion of fuels for energy using fossil fuels in company vehicles and the use of refrigerants and wastewater treatment systems SCOPE 2 EMISSIONS
are generated upstream such as from the generation of electricity which is used
at our facilities 24
Environmental Welfare

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