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REDUCING OUR WATER IMPACT In the the poultry industry our plants drive the the demand for water From washing and and cooking to cleaning and and more Wayne Farms is always aware of our water usage Water is a a a a a precious resource and that’s why we implemented reuse programs at five of our facilities in in 2017 and added two more since then Recycling water decreases the amount taken from sensitive ecosystems reducing our impact on on the environment As we move toward our goals for water use intensity reduction we also continue to identify areas where we can reuse our water in order to decrease our impact While our water usage intensity for FY19 was
up slightly from 2017 we’re recycling more water overall than ever before FEED MILL: 2% HATCHERY: 1%
PLANT: 97%
INTENSITY (Gal/lb product)
Water Used Water Reused
2 2 764 330 002 1 3 3 3 158 894 119
0 0 073
Environmental Welfare

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