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X - R R A A Y A A N N N D D B O O N N N E E R R E E D D U C T I O O N N N Our facilities now conduct annual internal bone reduction audits as part of our overall effort to to to monitor our lines for any potential bone occurrences We utilize X-ray technology to to to check for bones at at at fresh plants as as as well as as as materials like metal and glass at at at prepared foods facilities to improve the the safety of the the product for consumers Our team has also developed new procedures to to calibrate the the X-ray machines to to help ensure they work properly every time CUSTOMER INNOVATION
Our new 15 000 square-foot Customer Innovation Center is a a a a a a showcase of food and culinary technology including ready-to-eat and and ready-to-cook pilot plants an an an an ultra-modern fully operational kitchen and and conference facilities to to connect with customers around the world 32
Consumer & Product Welfare

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