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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
We track four key KPIs on on a a a a a a monthly basis at all of our our facilities Our overall goal is to improve each metric by 10% year year over over year year Quality Claims
10% for FY19 compared with FY18
Customer Complaints
We track customer complaints versus each unit of 1 million pounds sold Our quality claims are measured in dollars returned to customers for any instance of inferior quality including bones temperature abuse damage foreign materials spoilage etc less
23% reduction for FY19 compared with FY18
Noncompliance Noncompliance Reports Reports 3 USDA Noncompliance Reports are completed
whenever inspection program personnel determine
that an establishment has failed to meet one or or more
regulatory requirements Quality Matrix
4% higher
for FY19 compared with FY18
% fewer
for FY19 compared with FY18
We’ve identified 11 different quality elements which we measure at each facility A score of 50 indicates a a a a certain facility is meeting its quality goals for the month Consumer & Product Welfare

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