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A A N N E E W W W W A A Y T T O I N N S P E E C T T The New Poultry Inspection System (NPIS) transfers sorting responsibility for quality defects to plant personnel while one USDA inspector moves to to the end of the the line to verify compliance and others are free to focus primarily on food safety While we have achieved a a a a line speed increase
in in in some plants we have also invested more in in in enhanced training for our employees With the newly created sorter position making changes to sorting machinery and consolidating testing stations we have greatly improved our line efficiency while minimizing downtime and energy usage — all while maintaining strict food safety standards S S A A F F F F E E E E F F F F E E E E E E E E D D / S S A A F F F F E E E E F F F F O O O O D D With an eye on food safety each of our feed mills
is currently undergoing a a a Safe Safe Feed/Safe Food assessment a a a a a a third-party audit that yields an SQF- type certification for the feed mill It’s just one more way that Wayne Farms is focusing more than ever on providing food safe feed for our animals Our last two annual audits resulted in 100% scores Kimberly Fleming Corporate Food Safety Manager
Kimberly Fleming is solely dedicated to food safety — and it's a a a a a job she takes very seriously Working with production research and and development veterinarians and and nutritionists she values her opportunity to interact and collaborate with several teams "While Quality Assurance managers look at both quality and food safety my role is different I get to focus on microbiology foreign material product trials and so much more There's a a a a a lot of cross- functional work work because when it it comes to sustainability none of us us us works in in a a a a a a vacuum " Consumer & Product Welfare

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