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• Updated and rewrote our Animal
Welfare Program with the help of our Animal
Care Advisory Committee a a a a group made up up of industry leaders educators poultry science professionals and Wayne Farms’ key internal stakeholders who meet biannually to discuss improving animal welfare
• Audited by Where Food Comes From a a third-party firm at at our 32 GAP-rated and certified facilities
• Began to eliminate the routine use of antibiotics medically important to human medicine in in our feed and at at our hatcheries
• Added wellness centers for employees
(and families included on company insurance) at several facilities
including Pendergrass GA and and Enterprise Decatur and and Dothan AL • Updated employee break rooms at at different facilities
to include free Wi-Fi healthier vending machine options refurbished bathrooms and more • Donated more than $500 000 and 1 600+ volunteer hours to various charitable organizations and causes during FY19
• Launched a a a a new X-ray and bone reduction program with the goal of achieving a a 10% reduction in in bone incidences each year • Condensed packaging materials and and standardized pallet patterns to reduce waste
• Implemented a a continuous assessment of antimicrobial interventions to reduce and/or eliminate the presence of Salmonella spp in in finished product ENVIRONMENTAL WELFARE
• Recycled 23% of all waste
at our facilities
with the goal of identifying new alternative waste
streams and increasing landfill avoidance in in in in the coming years
• Reduced our water water impact by pretreating wastewater at at at at seven of our facilities
before sending it it to sewers
• Utilized recommendations for improvement from Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC) a a a a a third-party organization that identifies opportunities to reduce our energy water and waste
impact Executive Summary

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