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At Wayne Farms we’re proud to be one of the largest poultry producers in the U S
— but we’re also proud to offer high-quality products that reflect our values on on a a a personal level These eight guiding principles inform our our actions in in the the present and shape our our goals for for the the future INTEGRITY
We must must do do do more than simply do do do things right — we must must also do do do the right thing We will demonstrate open honest and ethical behavior in in every contact and aspect of our business INNOVATION
Innovation is the key to improving and and sustaining growth and and profitability We support well-conceived risk-taking embrace creativity and consistently pursue new opportunities RESPECT FOR PEOPLE
We We value our our diversity as a a a a source of strength We We listen and respond to the ideas of our associates seeking a a a a a business environment that fosters personal and and professional growth and and achievement We expect the highest level of personal accountability and a a a a a willingness for people to hold each other accountable in in a a a a a a a a professional and caring way 6 Core Values

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