Page 9 - Wayne Farms Sustainability Report
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Today Beth’s team includes 26 people across all the facilities in in Albertville as as well as as 12 people in Decatur AL Because of their hard work and the the accountability they bring to the the the facility’s sustainability efforts the the the numbers speak for themselves:
• Landfill waste from the Albertville processing plant hatchery and feed mill was reduced by 62% in three years • All three facilities at Albertville are Styrofoam free (except sample coolers)
• Amount of recycled items doubled in FY19 compared to landfill-bound items “We have to to come up with steps that little little by little little get us to to our goals If what we’re doing isn’t working we we have to fix it it and measure it it again If we’re succeeding we we repeat the the process and evolve with the the growth ” In the end Beth is grateful for her team’s contributions and believes all the progress and success so far could not have been achieved without everyone working together As of FY19 the Albertville hatchery is 99% LANDFILL FREE A True Champion of Sustainability

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