Amazing People Starts with me




Amazing People Starts with Me

At Wayne Farms, amazing starts with people, like you and like us. People who care about our teams. People who take responsibility for the well-being of others. Those who promote a Zero Accident Culture at work and look out for their colleagues. Individuals who make a difference at home, at work and in their communities.

In early July, we launched our new company-wide initiative—Amazing Starts with Me. It focuses on the four main pillars that guide all we do at Wayne Farms – people, animals, planet and food – and encourages all members of the Wayne Farms family to be amazing every day. The first pillar, People, highlights how we care for not just our staff, but all the people around us.

Our people drive all we do and are pivotal to the long-term success company, so it is up to all of us to keep each other feeling safe, empowered and appreciated. The strict safety measures we follow are there to protect staff members across various teams and departments and enable them to be amazing, day in and out.

At each level of the company, we all strive for a single number of accidents: zero. We must promote this Zero Accident Culture in our day-to-day work by watching out for ourselves and our colleagues. Being intentional and proactive about watching out for one another demonstrates that all accidents can be prevented and learned from, making way for continuous improvements to health and safety practices. And this is not possible without the commitment of each and every staff member, in all positions and at all levels.

In addition to protecting ourselves, our teams also protect the people we love. As members of our local communities, we can give back through supporting one another and initiating positive change, making the places we live, work and play better for all. Wayne Farms encourages you to find ways in your community to make a difference. As a company, we give our facilities the freedom to choose causes they’re passionate about. Many of our facilities support Relay for Life, while others support causes like Special Olympics Dragon Boat Racing. Recently, our team in Dobson, North Carolina donated $10,000 to Surry County Educational Foundation.

It is plain and simple. At Wayne Farms, we care about our team, and we will each do our part to ensure the safety of our amazing people and of the places we live and work. If you have seen or do see one of your Wayne Farms teammates doing something amazing, we ask that you take a few minutes to submit their name and what they did that was amazing so they can be recognized for doing their part to keep everyone safe and well cared for. Submissions can be made here and your manager or supervisor will then share the news with leadership so that person can be celebrated.


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Bill Love (pictured left) is the Director of Human Resources for the Corporate office and field. Bill is new to food production joining Wayne Farms after 25 years in retail and 3 years as the owner of a shop at home flooring company.

Chip Carlisle (pictured right) is the Corporate Safety Manager for Wayne Farms LLC since 2008. He has worked in agriculture/food production, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor industries since 1986. With 30 plus years working in Occupational Safety, he enjoys working with all people and developing welcoming relationships that support all of our business functions to safely produce a quality product.