Spooky Season 2021

Wayne Farms

Halloween 2021 is all we can think about as the crisp fall air reminds us that spooky season is just around the corner.

Last year, while in the thick of the pandemic, Halloween was cancelled or significantly altered from years before, and many are hoping we have turned a corner and are able to resume somewhat normal celebrations. While the CDC has not yet announced their 2021 Halloween recommendations, we’ve created a helpful list of ideas for you and your family this year, knowing that everyone will find their perfect balance between safety and celebration.

Trick or Treating

With just over 50% of people vaccinated across the country, caregivers are less timid about sending their kiddos out to collect sweet treats; but we recommend remaining careful when doing so. While gloves may not be required, how about adding a mask to this year’s Halloween costume?

Nurses, Doctors, Evil Scientist, and Ghost costumes are all an easy way to incorporate a mask into your child’s costume - and coincidentally these are some of the most popular adult costumes as well. We may be biased, but we think a chicken costume complete with a beak mask would be a killer costume.

Costume Bike Parades

If you live in a heavily populated area (think: the burbs), get with your neighbors and plan a festive Halloween costume parade. Adults and kids alike can participate, candy can be tossed out at a safe distance, and everyone will appreciate the thoughtful distance given at this fun event.

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties aren’t off the menu this year, but again, we think it’s best to take precautions by limiting your guests, hosting an outdoor bash, or perhaps requesting either a negative covid-19 test or vaccine to prevent any unintended spread of the virus for your party goers. Consider adding a mask to your costume and ensure your guests have ample hand sanitizer or hand washing stations. To encourage masks, offer your guests a prize for “best masked costume”.

Our Favorite Halloween Chicken Treats

Whether you opt for some of the above ideas, or celebrate traditionally, one thing is for sure; there needs to be treats and eats available for all! Oftentimes Halloween can be filled with candy, pizza, and calorie packed dips. This year, we’re offering up some lighter fare featuring our favorite protein: chicken, of course.

Try these incredibly easy chicken mummy nugs for a quick snack that is sure to please all your little monsters.

For a spookier flare, we love these cheesy buffalo chicken skulls.

If you’re hosting your Halloween party on game day, try adding a little food coloring to your wings to turn them into bat wings.

For a complete pre trick-or-treating meal, try out this Chicken Cordon BOO!

However you celebrate this year, from all of us at Wayne Farms, Happy Halloween!