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Amazing Starts with Me!

Our Wayne-Sanderson Farms team works together to nourish people and enrich lives, through wholesome food, responsibly made. Each of us contributes to making a real and positive difference for people, animals and the planet – all through the food we make.

As individuals, and together, we know that amazing starts with me.

What is Amazing Starts with Me? It’s a program designed to celebrate the achievements of our team members who strive to be amazing every day by embracing positive actions and decision-making. To achieve our vision to become the Amazing Chicken Company, the contributions of everyone on our team matter.

Our Pillars

Amazing Starts with Me highlights four pillars of our business – how we care for people, protect our planet, respect our animals and provide safe, high-quality, wholesome chicken. Each pillar contributes to Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ success, and we believe that being aware and intentional about doing what’s best within each pillar guides our decision making, resulting in positive outcomes for our team and the company.




How to Enter Someone to be Recognized

Nominate a Teammate

Nominate a Teammate

Have you seen one of your teammates do something amazing for Wayne-Sanderson Farms lately? If so, submit their name and accomplishment for recognition! Your manager or supervisor will share the news with leadership so that person can be recognized and celebrated.


Unsure Where to Start?

Unsure Where to Start?

Check out this guide on how to write a winning nomination: