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ALL NEW Naked Truth™ Premium ChickenBecause great chicken should just be chicken

When you strip away the hype, consumers want simple goodness in the chicken they eat. It means delicious tasting chicken, raised the right way—not the easy way.

Introducing ALL NEW Naked Truth™ Premium Chicken products for you and yours. Rated Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 means third-party verification of humane practices—by a leading provider—for both the restaurant menu and the retail package.

At Wayne Farms®, we’re committed to raising all our chickens with the care they deserve...and nothing less. However, there’s a growing number of consumers who want more: animal welfare measures and proof; and information about the practices and people behind their products. Simply put, they want the chicken on their table to be an honest and transparent one.

The delicious part of Naked Truth™ is a smaller-than-average bird for superior flavor and tenderness. The honest part is sharing what the naked eye can’t see, including:

Naked Truth Breast Group

  • Training and specific-to-the-farm animal health and farm plans.
  • More lighting during the day and continuous darkness at night for natural wake and sleep patterns.
  • Vegetarian diet; no animal by-products.
  • Independent third-party audit of practices and documentation.
  • No antibiotics ever.
  • Enrichments, like hay bales, in houses to promote natural behavior.

With support including a brand website; front-of-house promotional materials; farm stories; and more information about what’s behind Naked Truth™, there’s never been a better time to connect consumers to chicken raised right for them: humanely, responsibly, safely.

Order now! There’s no time to wait. Coming in September of 2017 for both fresh and value-added products, there's already strong demand for this exciting new brand. To learn more, call us at: 800-392-0844.