• Our Responsibility

    Our Responsibility

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Our Resonsibility Environmental StewardshipGoing above for the world beyond our company.

As a company, we strive to behave in a way that promotes continuous improvement within our facilities and the world around us. Throughout all operations and processes, our teams are committed to seeking new ways to help minimize our overall carbon footprint by reducing water usage and waste, heightening energy efficiencies and much more.


Water Treatment

Our facilities also have a commitment to treating and reusing wastewater. Our mission is to increase water availability through technological improvements, conscious decision-making and adoption of value-adding management practices.



Our electrical systems have been upgraded to optimize efficiency in electricity usage. Light fixture audits have been performed and resulting changes implemented include the installation of motion sensor lighting, lighting timers and energy efficient alternative lighting. We have also invested in direct fired water heaters to more efficiently generate hot water.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

All Wayne Farms plants report their greenhouse gas emissions using the EPA’s Center for Corporate Climate Leadership Greenhouse Gas calculator. Even though we are only required to report one greenhouse gas emission source (our two wastewater lagoons) to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, we choose to track and report all greenhouses gases.