Looking for back-of-house wings? Look no further. Wayne Farms fully-cooked wings are available in multiple signature selections – Crispy Fliers®, Buffaloos®, Fly’n Saucers™ . Why fully cooked? Because consistent sizing and finish are one less thing for you to worry about. They’re perfectly prepared chicken wings for ease of operation and flavored to satisfy your customers’ cravings. 

Crispy Fliers
The wing that turns heads and tempts taste buds with a taste that delivers a consistent and craveable crunch. Available boneless or bone-in and mild or spicy these wings are versatile making them the perfect complement to just about any dipping sauce imaginable. Savor the flavor, crave the crispiness and experience the irresistible taste and texture to match with every crispy and crunchy bite.
Bold. Spicy. And maybe a little dangerous. It's the tantalizingly tangy taste for on-trend wing lovers. BUFFALOOS chicken wings bold flavor is the perfect menu addition for adventurous appetites. Coated with our unique spicy glazed breading, It's the perfect amount of heat to keep guests coming back for more. These chicken wings are conveniently pre cooked and come in boneless chunks and bone-in versions for menu versatility.
Fly’n Saucers
Our line of Fly’n Saucers fully cooked chicken wings are scrumptiously innovative. Whether steamed or roasted our Fly’n Saucers products provide back-of-house and serving convenience for versatility. Consistently sized for portion control, they offer added value to a variety of preparation styles and can enhance your menu in any daypart. Customize our steamed wing with your guest’s favorite sauce or prepare our roasted wings right in your pizza oven. Whatever product you choose, you’ll experience out of this world flavor!

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  • Consistent Sizing

    Consistent Sizing

    Fully-cooked wings with consistent sizing and finish for every single order.
  • Better Yield

    Better Yield

    Give your customers more wings. Fresh/raw wings have a 25% shrink rate on average.
  • Simple to Prepare

    Simple to Prepare

    Eliminate the risk of cross contamination and extend the use of fry oil. Simple and fast, just the way you like ‘em.

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